Top Ways To Ramp Up Your Poker Skills

10 months ago
Top Ways To Ramp Up Your Poker Skills
08 Jan

So you’re ready to go from ‘meh’ to impressive in your poker game, and you wondering where to start. 

Whether you’re looking to climb the ranks at your local spot, on online casinos or just your friends next poker night, these tips will help you unlock more skills that will elevate your game. 

While your improving time will vary depending on your current skill level, the amount of effort you put into it, they’re definitely things you can do to get on a higher lever faster, here are a few ways you can get there:

Play, Play, and play

The probabilities in poker are incredible, that’s why the game is so exciting, but it means you must be willing to put the time in to turn your interest into real abilities. The great thing is, there’s plenty of options to play: you can organize your own crew, join a local game, go online or visit a casino, whatever you choose, the time you play will result in an improved skill set. 

Enjoy it 

There’s no use in putting in hours of playing if you are not having fun. Remember that your results rely heavily on your state of mind, as poker is such a mental game, so if you’re feeling it its best to stay out. Join in games that excite you and that you can actually have a good time playing.

Study weaknesses 

The best time to attack is when your opponent is showing weakness and the best thing you can do to defend yourself id to not show weakness. So be attentive to signs of hesitations on your opponents. Study your own game and attitude to prevent you from developing “tells” that can leave you open for attacks. 

Trust your instincts 

Not fear, not insecurities, instincts. After you have been playing for a while your brain will tell you when not to risk it, listen to it! If you are unsure, there is probably a reason why. 


Poker is all about keeping a healthy headspace, and meditation can be a great tool for that. Meditations allow for better reaction control, emotional stability and stress management, all of which can help you become a better poker player

Learn how to bluff 

This is a vital skill, it comes easily to some and not so much to others, but if you want to be great, you most definitely need it. Bluffing is part acting, part strategy. So try to keep your bluffing to middle-level hands, these cards aren’t sure winners but have a chance of improving, avoid bluffing on complete throwaways. 

Play quickly on your strong hands 

Don’t miss out on your strong hands, avoid dragging the game again you by playing fast when you get good cards. This makes building your pot easier. 

So now you know, the best way to turn yourself into a great poker player is playing smart, often and having a good time while doing it, the best mix of brain and heart gets the biggest reward.

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