Two women Accused of Recording Police Scotland Playing Strip Poker Arrested

2 weeks ago
Two women Accused of Recording Police Scotland Playing Strip Poker Arrested
04 Jan

Two ladies were arrested in Campbeltown for filming three nude officers playing strip poker. The event occurred on 22 November at a third-floor apartment in Campbeltown, Argyl in Scotland.

In a statement, Police Scotland stated that the duo has subsequently been freed, awaiting the completion of further investigations to identify and apprehend individuals responsible for taking the footage.

The police earlier announced that three officers, aged 43, 23, and 23, had been reported to the Procurator Fiscal for an alleged public indecency offence even though the event occurred when the cops were not on duty.

Police and legal sources have criticised the unprecedented approach, resulting in being charged in court and jeopardising their employment.

A source stated:

"This decision does beggar belief."

The source believes that the strip poker players could not have approved the incident to be videotaped. It was most likely done via the window by whoever recorded it. It's one thing to have your video circulated, but it's another to have your bosses interrogate you about it. The trial is being conducted unfairly.

While not pulling the curtains or blinds was a poor decision on the cops. However, the incident occurred three floors up in a private residence at night, and all were willing participants in the game.

It is illegal in Scotland to record and share films of persons in private settings without permission. The suspects may be imprisoned, fined, or a combination of the two if proven guilty.

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