Types of Online Gambling

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Types of Online Gambling
06 Jul

Hello poker fans, today we will discuss a topic that is more relevant than ever in 2021. Last year showed the main advantage of online gambling and online games, and it is absolutely clear that everything is moving to online, even poker. Of course, online poker and live poker are completely different games, but it is necessary to adjust to nowadays realities. This article will be interesting for those who are familiar with online poker just a little and do not know where is it better to play and what to choose from.

Let's start from the beginning and take a look at the list of all the gambling platforms on which you can play poker online, they include the following:

  • Online poker websites
  • Online casino
  • Bitcoin casino
  • Mobile poker application
  • Tournament websites

Moving ahead, all options in the essence of poker, rules, strategy, etc. have no difference, the main otherness relates to the "infrastructure" around the game.

Poker websites

The first thing you will look for is online poker sites, it obvious and this choice has undeniable advantages, and the main one is status. Let's be honest, most poker fans began to be interested in this game just because of its reputation. I am a poker player — sounds solid, doesn't it? A bunch of promotional campaigns, as well as a huge number of films, constantly strengthen this status, not only among fans but among all people who are at least somehow interested in world trends.

The reason for such massive campaigns lies in the following advantage - poker is officially recognized as a sport. This means that its advertising is allowed everywhere, unlike other gambling games. It is good for the owners of poker sites, but you won’t get any advantages from this, even more, this separation from other casino games has negative consequences for you as a player. Since poker sites spend all their efforts on attracting players through advertising, they pay less attention to other methods of promotion, in particular bonuses. This means that you, as a player, are deprived of these bonuses.

Online Casino

Online casinos are the main competitors of poker sites. Many gamblers who are familiar with land-based casinos think that online casinos are one and the same but it’s wrong. When you come to a casino to play poker or blackjack, you choose from the games of this particular casino. The table you are playing at was purchased by this casino, the dealer who hands up cards for you, was hired by this casino, and etc. So your game completely depends on the casino in which you are playing, but online playing is completely different.

Online casinos are a kind of gambling hosting, if you are familiar with the concept of the “international division of labor”, you will quickly grasp the essence. To create an online gambling site, it is necessary to unite specialists from different areas, who do not initially work with each other:

  1. A software development department that will create games and the website.
  2. A marketing department that will develop the concept of the casino itself
  3. SEO specialists who will promote your website on the Internet, etc.

In short, creating an online casino in this way is a very complicated process. But you can outsource those tasks for a percentage of profit, and that's how it works.

As a rule, the promotion on the Internet is carried out by affiliate companies, the creation of games is made by software developers, so the online casino has to solve the marketing issue and that's it. Thus, when you play poker in an online casino, you are playing the game from a particular developer. In fact, it doesn't matter if you play on a poker site, mobile app, bitcoin casino, or online casino, it all depends on the software developer. Therefore, when choosing an online site, first of all, pay attention to the game developers.

Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casino is the ideological continuation of online casinos, it has all the advantages and is devoid of disadvantages. Thanks to bitcoin, it has become possible to solve the main problem of classic online gambling websites — long-term withdrawal.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency which means lower costs and shorter waiting times. In today's financial world, we are forced to trust banks blindly and share our confidential information, also we have to pay fees for it and pay a lot. These fees are much higher than those paid to miners. Plus, transactions through the banks often have to pass lengthy identification processes, as a result, we wait longer. In the case of bitcoins, the money you pay goes directly to the recipient. Also, thanks to blockchain technology, it became possible to create provably fair games.

Provably fair games are games in which you can check the fairness of the result. That is after you get a combination, you can check whether it is really a random combination or it is a rigged one. Of course, the checking is underway on third-party resources, you can easily find them on the Internet and they are free. So you can play provably fair poker and don't be afraid of being scammed by the casino, this also applies to other games with the bitcoin slots exception.

Bitcoin slots work a little differently from the other games, slot machines do not give a random result, on the contrary, all combinations are calculated in advance. There is such an indicator as RTP and it shows the degree of bitcoin slots return, you can read more about bitcoin slots on the website bitcoinslotstop.com. But let's get back to the benefits of a bitcoin casino as an online poker platform.


We talked about the fact that for poker sites bonuses are a weak spot, but for bitcoin casinos, on the contrary. The bonus policy of bitcoin casinos is one of the main selection criteria for gamers. The favorite way to attract customers is to use no deposit bonuses and free spins — free rewards for customers. With such bonuses, there is no need to replenish the account to receive a gift, so you can get free money to your account. You won't be able to withdraw them but you can play with them and get winnings to your bitcoin wallet. But searching for such bonuses is not easy and if you want to find them quickly you will need help, which you can find on websites like gambling-calendar.com.

The main types of bonuses that you can run into is the following:

  • For registration (no deposit or with a deposit);
  • Sign up bonuses include free spins and a cash bonus as a percentage of the deposit amount;
  • Bonus for subsequent replenishment of the account;
  • Free spin;
  • Thematic bonuses: birthday, holidays;
  • Cashback - the return of a percentage of lost funds (vary: the amount of interest, with a wager or without wagering, with the need for a deposit or without replenishment of the account);
  • Bonuses without wagering;
  • Free participation in win-win tournaments with a large prize pool;
  • Bitcoin slots progressive jackpots.

Bitcoin casino websites

As you can see, bitcoin casinos have undeniable advantages in front of online casinos and even more over poker sites. But since Bitcoin makes casinos decentralized authority, it also makes them uncontrollable, which actively attracts fraudsters. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil, because if you start to fight scammers by introducing rules, bitcoin casinos will no longer be decentralized. In a sense, this is a price to pay for freedom. But this does not mean that you should give money to scammers, in fact, it is very simple to identify reliable bitcoin casinos. All you need to know is when it was founded, and if a bitcoin casino has been on the market for more than 5 years, then this is a reliable casino. Below you can find a list of the best bitcoin casinos that were founded more than 5 years ago.

Best bitcoin casino websites

Bitcoin casino

Established in

Bitcoin casino description



In 2021, Cloudbet is one of the best offers for Poker players. Established in November 2013, the crypto casino has impressed bettors and industry experts alike. Cloudbet is one of the mastodons of the bitcoin casino industry.



FortuneJack online casino is one of the undoubted leaders in the cryptocurrency gambling industry. The website is remarkable not only for slot machines: relatively recently, a separate section with sports bets has appeared on the site. This crypto casino has been operating for over six years and has not lost its popularity. At FortuneJack bitcoin casino you can play both classic online poker and with a live dealer.



7bit online casino has been operating on the Internet gambling market since 2014. Despite its minimalist design in neon colors, it attracts hundreds of players every day. The casino will be useful for poker fans because of asceticism and speed of work.

Bit Starz


Bitstarz started operating in 2014. At first, it was called BitStar, but in 2015 it received the name Bitstarz and an updated domain. The launch was carried out on the basis of the SoftSwiss software.

Mobile poker application

Now let's consider mobile poker applications as an option for playing poker online. Poker apps were very popular in the past, but now they are slowly losing their popularity and there are several reasons for this. First, the complexity of creation makes its creation feasible only for large companies that already have a large audience and capital. This limitation has a very negative effect on the total number of options on the market, so you have much fewer options to choose from.

The second problem is the mandatory installation. To try the application, you need to download and install it, which takes time and is very stretching the test process. If you want to rate and choose the best from 10 applications, you will need to install all of them on your phone, it is not convenient, isn't it? Plus, the following problem looms, compatibility of the application with your phone and its operating system. When playing poker online, using websites of online casinos, bitcoin casinos, or poker sites, there won't be such problems.

As a result, the advantages of mobile poker applications are stable work with a poor Internet connection and the “colorfulness” of the game. But with the technology development, these advantages are leveled. Any casino site in 2021 looks impressive, and the availability of stable Internet connection almost everywhere makes applications absolutely useless.

Tournament websites

Through internet searching, you are able to stumble upon the sites with one-time poker tournaments. We strongly discourage you from taking part in such tournaments, 99% of which are fraudulent sites. Poker tournaments of different levels and with different rewards are held at all of the above online platforms.


Today we covered the list of all the gambling platforms where you can play poker online, their advantages and disadvantages, so now you have an opportunity to choose from. Remember the rules of any poker game - hot heart and cold mind. Don't hurry, try as many options as possible, this will allow you to make the best choice. Do not forget all decent platforms that allow you to test games for free. Okay, I think that's all, good luck!

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