Vanessa Selbst Invites Top Poker Pros to Get a "Real" Job on Wall Street

4 months ago
Vanessa Selbst Invites Top Poker Pros to Get a
29 Sep

She is the top female money winner ($11,906,247) in all of poker by a wide margin, but Vanessa Selbst left that world behind to become a stock trader and is actively recruiting other big name poker pros to join her on Wall Street.

Selbst took to social media last month with her headhunting endeavor, putting the word out to top poker talent that the trading firm she works for is hiring.

As most everyone is well aware, part of the appeal of making a living at playing poker is to avoid the ball and chain of a 9 to 5 job. No boss to answer to, no setting the alarm clock every morning, no kissing up to clients.

Somewhat surprising, however, were the number of replies to Selbst's tweet -- and from some of poker's best players. Included among those showing interest were Mike Leah, Jonathan Little, Chris Kruk, Patrick Leonard, and WSOP Player of the Year Daniel Zack.

Zack cashed 17 times at this summer's WSOP. His scores included gold bracelets in the $10K Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better for $324,174 and the $10K Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better for $440,757.

Would the newly crowned POY actually consider transitioning to a new career after a run like that? One would have to take a serious look at the negatives associated with poker to make an informed decision. Perhaps those negatives were best said in the following tweet ......

Whether any pros actually quit poker and follow Selbst to the trading world remains to be seen. But in a follow-up tweet, Vanessa certainly doesn't hide her feelings with regard to her decision, stating that "honestly am so much happier with this career path, though I do miss poker of course."

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