Want to Improve your Poker Skills? Try These Other Games

3 years ago
Want to Improve your Poker Skills? Try These Other Games
27 Aug

The hugely competitive poker world is growing each year, and it’s getting progressively harder to win tournaments online. This is because the wealth of information about the game is available to everyone, and many people now know what skills and knowledge are required in order to maximize their chances of success. For that reason, some of the best poker players are now branching out into playing different games in order to upgrade their skill sets for the poker table. Here we take a look at which games can be useful for developing poker ability.

One of the most important attributes a poker player must have is the ability to make swift, on the spot calculations. Online poker has changed the game in that nowadays, working out the odds of winning a hand is more important than trying to bluff an opponent. Calculating winning percentages is also the best way to decide how much to bet at a particular time. These skills can be mastered by playing a lot of poker, but it does help to get involved with some other card games that are based on probability as well.

For this reason, a high number of poker players will play one of the other most popular card games in the world in their spare time. Indulging in games of blackjack from time to time is a great way to hone maths skills, but it also requires players to tap into their memory and quickly recall what the recommended moves are when faced with a particular hand. For instance, professional blackjack players will always advise players to hit when the dealer’s up card is between seven and ten and the player’s hand totals 16. Blackjack is just as accessible online as poker is, and Lottoland's live card games  feature virtual and live versions of the classic card game.

Some poker stars like Daniel Negreanu have chosen to turn to eSports as a way to enhance their skills at the poker table. Kid Poker has spent some time playing the fantasy card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, along with other well-known poker stars like Bertrand Grospelier. The game requires players to second guess their opponents and try to outsmart them. It also uses a random number generator to determine which cards are dealt, so there is an added element of chance. This makes it similar to poker in many ways, and the skills required to play both games are transferable between the two. Other fantasy card games like Gwent are cropping up, and almost all of them will help poker players develop the way they think when attempting to outwit opponents.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from poker and recharge. Playing other games can be a great way to do this. It’s certainly an added bonus if those games also help to improve your poker skills. Try these options, and you may find you poker game moves up a few notches.

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