Poker Week in Pictures - Stay Cool and Take the Prizes

5 years ago
Poker Week in Pictures - Stay Cool and Take the Prizes
09 Mar

American Poker Awards

The American Poker Awards were the big story of the past week. A lot of familiar faces made their appearances, some walked away with prizes, some will have to wait the next award ceremony (coming soon). But here's how it looked judging by the Instagram posts of some who were present there.

Maria Ho was there, looking as beautiful as always and, apparently having a great time!

KidPoker wasn't lagging behind either. He took home an award but not before making sure to... lick it properly. There's got to be some logic behind it.

Liv Boeree was accompanied by her rather private boyfriend Igor Kurganov.

As for ElkY, he was enjoying Los Angeles in his own way.

Staying Cold as Ice

It is important to stay cool at the tables. Ask any pro and they'll tell you the same. But, David Williams took it to a whole new level by entering a cryotherapy treatment. Being ice cold, in his own words, isn't easy, so it's probably best saved just for the tables.

The Peruvian Adventure

For some, poker excitement just doesn't cut it. This is especially the case with Phil Laak and Jennifer Tilly. While others were getting ready for tournaments or receiving shiny little prizes, they were way out in the Peruvian wilderness. If we had to pick a winner of the week, we'd probably pick these. But we don't, and we won't, but if we had awards to give away...

One for the Road

This one doesn't require too much explaining. Viktor Blom, JRB and Phil Ivey all in one place, balling!

To follow any (and all) of these players, just click the link to their Instagram and keep up to date with their latest adventures!

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