Weekly High Stakes Report: Isildur1 Books Winning Weekend, Cole South Drops a Little

7 years ago
Weekly High Stakes Report: Isildur1 Books Winning Weekend, Cole South Drops a Little
08 Jul

The period of WSOP is usually not the best time for online high stakes action. Most players are in Vegas, occupied playing tournaments or live cash games and that’s where most of the action is. Add to that the fact that even those who would be willing to take couple hours from their busy schedules to sit down at one of the Poker Stars or Full Tilt high stakes tables cannot do it while in the States, and you get the full picture.

The biggest action for the last week actually took place over the weekend, and names of two players in the spotlight were Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom and an online high-stakes player Follow the Hawk. The two sat down for a 4-hour 2-7 No Limit Triple Draw with $500 / $1,000 blinds.

They played total of 709 hands before calling it a night and despite Follow the Hawk taking an early lead, he ended up losing money. An hour into the match, Blom was able to capture the lead and build upon it, finishing the session up $117,400.

According to the HighstakesDB, Blom had a winning week, finishing up around $52,000. However, that is just a small step in right direction, as he is still stuck nearly $1.2 million for the year.

‘Follow the Hawk’ did not run too good the past seven days, as he finished nearly $40,000 in the red, meaning the match with ‘Isildur1’ was his ticket out of the profit-ville.

Couple more players joined the weekend action, including Yoghii who ended up in the black for the week with almost $16k in profit, a seasoned regular at the high stakes tables SanIker, who booked another losing week to the tune of $122,000 and HighstakesDB now has him down $1.7 million for the year. Djo1djo1 had a small winning weekend, profiting nearly $13k and adding up to his profits for the year, now amounting to just below $130,000.

Cole South also tried his luck at the high stakes tables this weekend, but things did not go so well for him, as he ended up losing $27,000. Unlike South, Trueteller had an overall good week, ending up with more than $46,000 in profit according to HighstakesDB. Last seven days were also very kind to Denoking, who ended up almost $132,000 to the good, and a lot of that profit came from his matches with SanIker.

The action will certainly be picking up soon, as World Series of Poker is coming to an end and more players will be back to their homes, playing from the safety and comfort of their armchairs, clicking buttons for hundreds of thousands dollars!

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