Weekly High Stakes Report: Ivey Losing Big, SanIker Crushing, Blom Returns

5 years ago
Weekly High Stakes Report: Ivey Losing Big, SanIker Crushing, Blom Returns
10 Dec

Our last report ended with a confrontation between ‘thecortster’ and ‘SanIker’ on Monday. The two picked up right where they left off on Tuesday, continuing to exchange huge pots on the 2-7 TD tables.

The morning session was not a very long one, according to HighstakesDB, as the pair sat down for about two hours. After that period expired, it was the German player ‘SanIker’ who took away $290k from the tables. ‘SanIker’s’ total earnings for the day were somewhat lower in the end, as he lost some of it to ‘Kagome Kagome.’ Despite his good start, 'Saniker' had to be satisfied with 'just' a take of $244k for the day.

Another big winner on Tuesday was ‘AthaCliath,’ whose profit amounted to $189,400. Those funds were won on the $100/$200 PLO tables where he squared off against Dani ‘Ansky451’ Stern, playing heads up on two tables simultaneously. Mikael ‘ChaoRen160’ Thuritz also made a six-figure profit on PokerStars.

The great run for 'Saniker' continued on the very next day. The German pro finished with a profit of $326k once again and HighStakesDB reported that he was up $1.2 million on December 4th over the past month. His Wednesday profit came again at the expemse of American challenger Cort ‘thecortster’ Kibler-Melby after about two and a half hours worth of play.

Phil Ivey, the infamous ‘Polarizing,’ resurfaced at the tables after being MIA for about two weeks. For a brief period of time early in November, Ivey seemed determined to make up for losses accrued since he started playing under the alias ‘Polarizing,’ but then disappeared again.

On Wednesday, however, it was all about Ivey, as he walked away from the tables $138k richer. ‘Polarizing’ joined the biggest action available and that was (surprise-surprise) the game between ‘SanIker’ and ‘thecortster.’ Ivey made his entire daily profit off the German player, so Melby caught a little break. ‘KingSp00k’ earned a $126k profit on the day as well, after besting ‘AthaCliath’ at the $100/$200 PLO tables.

It was a week of comebacks, apparently, as Friday saw Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom take his seat with the big boys for the first time in a while. Blom has been playing more on PokerStars lately and he’s also been otherwise engaged, playing in the Unibet Golden Cash Game and similar, so perhaps his time was limited. But on Friday, there he was.

Blom's return started on a good note, with a daily profit of $97.5k, the majority coming from the 2-7 TD tables, although he also mixed it up with ‘Sauce1234.’ Blom was able only to reach third on the winners’ list, however, as ‘SanIker’ continued his dominance, winning just shy of $300k once again. Most of his winnings came from Phil ‘Polarizing’ Ivey. Ben ‘Bttech86’ Tollerne also made a big profit, winning $204k from his matches against ‘bajskorven.’

Ivey’s online adventure since the return of Full Tilt has been a bumpy road, with lots of ups and downs, and the past week was a mini representation of that path. After he lost on Friday, he was back in the saddle on Saturday, winning $248k. The day started poorly with a loss against ‘SanIker,’ but Ivey took some time away from the tables and came back stronger, facing the likes of ‘taktloss47’ and ‘bbvisbadforme’ and coming out victorious.

SanIker’ continued to win and after taking about $80k off ‘Polarizing,’ he proceeded to win another $112k from Seb ‘taktloss47’ Ruthenberg for a total of over $200k. ‘KPR16’ was also a big winner, with a daily profit of $187,400.

Sunday saw two six-figure winners, as ‘punting-peddler’ took home $159k, while ‘ChaoRen160’ made $138k over on PokerStars. If rumors are to be believed, both of these aliases likely belong to the same person, that of Swedish pro Mikael Thuritz, so if that's the case, someone had a very nice day. ‘thecortster’ also finished in the black, with $88,500 to the good.

What started with a relatively small win for Melby the previous day turned into a huge profit on Monday when ‘thecortster’ walked away from the tables $407k ahead. Most of the profits came from his early match with ‘Polarizing,’ as Ivey leaked $334k.

Although there were no other huge winners on Monday, ‘KingSp00k’ and ‘AthaCliath’ had an interesting verbal confrontation, as the King clearly got spooked.




AthaCliath: bad

AthaCliath: down 400k lifetime on ftp

KingSp00k: back in 5-10 minutes

KingSp00k: run fkign better

KingSp00k: my fking god







Chat Monitor (Support): KingSp00k has lost their chat privilege for 5 minutes. Inappropriate language is not tolerated.


KingSp00k: u play so fkign bad

When the Numbers Were Added

The German pro ‘SanIker’ has been running super hot lately and the past week was no exception. He showed a profit of $623k for the seven-day period. His favorite opponent, Cort ‘thecortster’ Kibler-Melby, had a rough period, but his last session against Ivey more than made up for the losses as Melby finished the week ahead $83,500. 'AthaCliath' had a very good seven-day stretch, showing profits of $368k.

Phil ‘Polarizing’ Ivey took the biggest loss for the week. Despite his decent run in November, the last month of 2014 has not started off very well for the high stakes legend, as he was stuck for $626k during the past week. Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom resurfaced and started off well, but his final number for the week was $200k in the red.

Finally, KingSp00k lost $86,000, although one might think he lost way more by his foul-mouthed chat messages.

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