Weekly High Stakes Report: Ivey on the Comeback Trail, Hansen Dips Below $20 Million

6 years ago
Weekly High Stakes Report: Ivey on the Comeback Trail, Hansen Dips Below $20 Million
08 Sep

Last week saw Phil Ivey losing quite a sum, while Russian player Alexander 'PostflopAction' Kostritsyn continued amassing winnings.

Monday continued in the similar fashion for the Russian, as he ended up profiting nearly $98K according to HighStakesDB. However, title of the biggest winner of the day went to 'punting-peddler', who ended with $220.5K to the good. His profit came from the 8-game tables, where Patrik 'FinddaGrind' Antonius also fared well, earning $104,000. All Patrik's winnings combined together under different aliases make him the biggest nosebleeds winner tracked on Full Tilt as per HighStakesDB tracking. 'Trueteller' also had a good Monday, earning over $182K.

After droping well over $500K last week, Phil 'Polarizing' Ivey had a real comeback on Tuesday, when HighStakesDB recorded his profit as $354K. Most of it came from a short 2-7 TD session against Daniel ''jungleman12' Cates, but he started the match already with profit of $74K from the 8-game tables, then proceeded to anihilate Cates' daily profit. Gus Hansen also finished up about $78K.

Ivey's profit would not remain intact however, as already on Wednesday he dropped nearly $130,000 playing 2-7 TD against Trueteller. That win, combined with some more profit from later matches, put 'Trueteller' at $218.6K profit for the day. 'samrostan' played anything that was offered and was able to come on top, with the profit of $207K according to HighStakesDB. Gus also had the six-figure day, while Kostritsyn earned another $82K.

For Alex ‘Alexonmoon’ Leneau, Thursday turned out to be quite a day. He made a whooping profit of $378,000 after crushing $2K/$4K 2-7 TD tables. The only other player who was able to walk away from the tables with six figures was Gus Hansen, who earned $142K and change according to HighStakesDB.

It appears that Tiger Woods of poker has made a serious decision to regain his place at the top. Since he started playing under the new alias ‘Polarizing’, he’s been going the wrong way, but last week things have finally started to change. After good Tuesday, Ivey had a huge Friday with the profit of $657K according to HighStakesDB. His winnings came as combination of profit from 2-7 and 8-game tables. Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom also booked a profit of $269K, while ‘thecortster’ ended $212K in the black.

Saturday saw multiple six figure winners, lead by German pro ‘SanIker’. HighStakesDB reports German’s winnings for the day in the vicinity of $200K ($198,000). ‘taktloss47’ booked a $163K profit, while Viktor Blom also finished with $123,000 in his pockets.

Finally, Sunday saw ‘thecortster’ emerge the biggest daily winner of the week, as when clock struck midnight, he was $784,000 in profit. ’Alexonmoon’ also scored big, with the profit of $372K, while ‘Carlooo13’ was well into six figure-ville with nearly $209K gain.

Winners and Losers

Phil ‘Polarizing’ Ivey is finally going in the right direction. At the time of writing this, HighStakesDB reports his winnings for the past seven days to be $589,000, which is a nice 180-turn from the last week.

thecortster’ had more than a good week, as his winnings have climbed to $860,000K. Since we are looking into a seven-day period, he’s been averaging well over $100K a day – not too bad!

Gus Hansen had couple winning days, but clearly not enough. This week has added further $730,000 to his losses and he’s crossed $20 million mark for life time losses. Things did not go much better for ‘Trueteller’ either, as he finished stuck slightly over $620K according to HighStakesDB.

Alex ‘Alexonmoon’ Luneau finished the week with the profit of $565,000, while Victor ‘Isildur1’ Blom also had a decent run which amounted to $310K profit when it was all said and done.

Finally, despite of having little upswing, ‘samrostan’ finished nearly $390K in the hole, while Alexander Kostritsyn made a small six figure profit on the week, continuing his winning ways.

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