Why You Should Take Your Grandparents to Play Bingo

5 months ago
Why You Should Take Your Grandparents to Play Bingo
15 Oct

Bingo is the quintessential day out for ladies of the older generation. But it’s not just the women, because men enjoy the odd afternoon out at the bingo hall too. In fact, bingo is one of the best pastimes for the elderly, with many of their hobbies in years gone by being no longer suitable for the infirm.

Beyond pure enjoyment, there are many reasons why you should consider taking your grandparents out to a bingo hall for the afternoon. There have actually been numerous academic studies on the subject, all in favour of encouraging a few hours out to play the game.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of why it is such a good idea.

Health Benefits

For the part of the population that is no longer able to get out and about like they used to, or those that cannot enjoy the more physical of activities, social engagement becomes an important part of life.

The medical community has learned a lot over the last couple of decades about how mental health directly impacts physical health. For the elderly this is an important point. Loneliness and a lack of social engagement in general are proven to cause significant mental health issues. This leads to a negative spiral where a once physically healthy person can go downhill quickly.

Living an isolated life is something that creeps up  on a person. Those at an advanced age constantly lose their friends to natural causes when approaching life expectancy, and before they know it they’re spending too much time alone. Play your part and do something like taking them for a game of bingo.

Keeping the Grey Matter Working

Even if your grandparents are in fine physical health it is natural for the years to take a toll on how sharp the mind is.

Often the elderly have little in the way of day-to-day tasks to keep their minds working so any kind of cognitive workout is welcome and will help to keep things ticking over. Matching the numbers on a bingo card might not be the most sophisticated mental assignment in the world but it is enough.

Keeping Alert

It’s easy when having a lazy week to start to feel sluggish. Those long hours spent lazing away in front of the TV binging on Netflix while scoffing chocolate biscuits tend to leave us feeling like the walking dead after a while. 

This is exactly what happens to people as they get older and become less active. The thing is though, that it just sneaks up on us, and until we feel well again we don’t realise how affected we really are.

This is why bingo is such a great activity for the retired. It’s only a trip out for an afternoon or evening, but the participants must remain alert while the numbers are being called out. When the day is all over and done with this alertness carries over.

Hand-eye coordination also comes into play here. The dabbing of the cards requires a micro effort and is something else that will help to keep your nan ticking over and enjoying her retirement.

Having a Laugh

How many times have you heard that laughter is the best medicine? Getting out and about and having a laugh works wonders for keeping us feeling alive and vibrant.

Laughter helps to reduce stress levels and it also releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that we’ve heard so much about.

Why Online Bingo Is a Perfect solution

It doesn’t take much thought to realise that online bingo is a great idea. Sometimes it is not realistic to travel with an elderly grandparent so why not organise a game online?

In fact, it is estimated that as much as 85% of bingo is now played online, with many brick and mortar bingo halls closing down. The rise of the hi-tech world is seemingly unstoppable in all industries.

There are many advantages to playing online bingo compared to organising a trip out. For a start it takes seconds to plan an online game with your nan and grandad, and you don’t even need to be in the same location. Grandparents love to interact with their grandchildren (well, on the whole they do…). Just make a quick phone call and away you go.

You can even invite your grandparent’s friends. The more the merrier. Chat rooms are always simple and easy to use, even for elderly technophobes. Virtual social gatherings can be almost as good as in-person.

The number of bingo variants is also a factor when choosing to play online. There are many more options compared to what will be found in a real hall. 

Online bingo is also a solution if you have a grandparent who smokes and refuses to keep hopping up and going inside a real bingo hall. They can sit at home and puff away ‘till their heart's content.

Let’s take 888Ladies.com as a prime example. There is everything you could possibly want. Great bonuses when depositing for the first time can reach as much as a whopping 400%.

There are even virtual slot machines waiting with free spins every day available under the promotions deal. 

The jackpots are incredible with four-figure sums waiting to be won.

“Weekly Jackpots: Marvelous Monday (£600), Tremendous Tuesday (£1,500), Wonderful Wednesday (£500), and Thursday’s Thousand (£1,000)”

You can take a look at everything on offer right here.

To Sum it All Up

So, don’t be put off going out for a little bingo. It’s not just for those with a blue rinse, anyone can have a little flutter. If you can get your grandparents involved as well, then great. 

You might also  be going home with a wedge of cash that you didn’t expect. That’s one of the perks of bingo. But the biggest perk you can have with playing a game like this  with your grandparents is seeing the smile you put on their faces for taking that time out to share an afternoon with them.

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