Will we see Dan Bilzerian at the WSOP?

6 years ago
Will we see Dan Bilzerian at the WSOP?
02 Jun

The eccentric millionaire Dan Bilzerian has become one of the favorite lighthearted topics of the poker world. His sick Instagram picks, lavish lifestyle and endless shenanigans leave very few completely disinterested. The question that’s probably on the minds of his numerous fans is will Dan Bilzerian make his appearance at this year’s World Series of Poker?

One thing can be said with certainty: Bilzerian is no grinder-type and poker is his pastime. It may be his favorite pastime at that, but from what we can gather from his interviews, the biggest value he get from the tables is excitement and adrenaline rushes.

Someone whose net worth is in the vicinity of $100 million will hardly achieve that rush by playing in the small buyin events, and that’s probably the reason we haven’t seen him at the tables so far. It wasn’t unrealistic to expect him in the $25k Mixed-Max, but perhaps he thought better of it, since the competition in that tournament was quite brutal.

Dan Bilzerian is quite likely to play in the $10,000 Main Event due to numerous reasons. It is, after all, the biggest poker event of the year, so someone who holds poker dear as he is will not want to miss it. Add to that the fact that the first place will be several million dollars and there is certainly something to compete for, plus the fact that capturing the Main Event title is a huge ego-buster for any player, it is probably a safe bet that he will be out in the field.

The real question is – will he put up one million dollars to measure up against the top players in the game in the Big One for One Drop Event? His name is not in the list of participants as of yet, unless he decided to register as one of anonymous businessmen, but for a man who shares basically his entire life with the rest of the world, this would be extremely uncharacteristic.

There are still seats up for grabs, as the event starts on June 29 and WSOP currently lists 35 registered players, with cap set at 56. It will really be interesting to see if the millionaire Bilzerian is up for a challenge, as $1 million is not really pocket-change, not even for him. If he does, I am certain that we will all know about it, and then some!

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