Winamax Bot Update: One Cleared of Botting, One a No-Show

7 months ago
Winamax Bot Update: One Cleared of Botting, One a No-Show
10 Aug

Two Winamax players who were under suspicion of using botting software to earn considerable amounts of rakeback were asked in June to physically present themselves at the site's Paris offices and play online poker to prove their innocence.

One accepted the request and satisfied Winamax bosses that he's the real deal. The other failed to respond to the challenge, his account suspended and all funds seized.

Players To Be Reimbursed By Mid-August

The player using the moniker "twopandas" was the no-show of the two, electing not to answer the call and prove that his profit of €11K at the tables and €455K in rakeback since October 2016 was not obtained using artifical intelligence. Players who suffered financial damage at the robotic hands of twopandas will be compensated.

"VictoriaMo" visited Winamax on two separate days and played over 400 games of Expresso "in his classic playing conditions," stated a Winamax rep on the Club Poker forum. Those conditions included long sessions while playing six tables simultaneously at €100 and €250 stake levels.  

Analysis of VictoriaMo's play found that his "GTO score is average for its usual sessions and remains significantly better than other regulars in the format." The Winamax rep added that the results showed no deviation from VictoriaMo's "game statistics standards," but did find "some differences in reaction times compared to the usual numbers."

Exonerated, But Still Suspended

The bosses at Winamax gave VictoriaMo his bankroll, which had grown to €228K since August 2017 on rakeback of €246K, less the €18K that he lost at the tables. However, his account remains suspended due to the "general climate of mistrust" that continues.

That mistrust was spelled out by 2+2 forumites who wonder how it is that twopandas and VictoriaMo have never played against each other at the Expresso tables.

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