WSOP.Com Software Pays Pot Out Incorrectly

11 months ago
WSOP.Com Software Pays Pot Out Incorrectly
06 Aug

Jon Borenstein, a tournament professional with more than $1 million in live tournament winnings, has posted evidence that the has diddled him out of chips in a $320 Sunday major. Borenstein tweeted his surprise and was quickly answered by the official account informing him that an investigation was already underway.

The issue appears to be related to a player who was moved from the table before an all-in confrontation took place. With only close to a single big blind a player jams and the small blind raises. Borenstein then reraises and the small blind folds. The small blind immediately gets moved to another table. The short stack should now only be able to collect 17,538 chips but is handed 29,192. 11,654 of the small blind’s chips that should have gone to Borenstein went to the short stacked player.

Although thankfully this kind of glitch is almost unheard of today, we should still as a community be ready to pile on the pressure if the end result is not satisfactory. Fortunately, in this instance Borenstein later tweeted that he had been gifted three $320 tournament tickets for the error and the glitch was fixed on the very same day.

As it is, Borenstein was probably more surprised at what happened than in need of a refund for his stolen equity. The American cashed in no less than eight events during this year’s World Series of Poker, including the Main Event.

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