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Witnesses Take the Stand on Day 2 of Susie Zhao Murder Trial

The first witnesses took the stand in the Suzie Zhao murder trial, with accused Jeffrey Bernard Morris present in a Michigan court as the prosecution began their case

Susie Zhao Murder Trial Begins with Opening Statements

The trial of Jeffrey Bernard Morris, the man accused of the horrific murder of poker pro Susie Zhao, got underway in a Michigan courtroom

High Stakes Pro Robbed of $30K at Doug Polk's The Lodge Poker Club

Police are looking for three men who allegedly robbed a regular high stakes pro of $30,000 in the parking lot of The Lodge poker club on Friday, Sept. 23

Can Mikki Mase Really Beat Baccarat?

Hustler Casino Live reg Mikki Mase has come out and said that he can beat the casino game baccarat over the long run

Susie Zhao Murder Trial Set to Start Next Week

The full murder trial is scheduled to begin next Monday, October 2nd in the Oakland County courthouse in Michigan

Lex Veldhuis Puts Himself in Line of Fire During PokerStars DDoS Attack

Veldhuis gained some mad respect from his legion of followers and many others

Vanessa Selbst Invites Top Poker Pros to Get a "Real" Job on Wall Street

Selbst took to social media last month with her headhunting endeavor, putting the word out to top poker talent that the trading firm she works for is hiring

Benny Figgins Retires from Dealing at Caesars Palace after 55 Years

Figgins was the last remaining employee from the first year of operation, 55 years ago, and had dealt at the blackjack tables for a whopping 51 years

Faraz Jaka Living the Dream in Sunday Poker Grind

Faraz Jaka has picked up a few nicknames during his illustrious poker career, "homeless millionaire" and "The Toilet" among them

Wynn Resorts Challenge Sexual Assault Cover-up Claims

The new lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Brenna Schrader, who alleges that “she was forced to engage in sexual conduct with Stephen Wynn... and VIP clients

PokerPaint Facing Legal Action Over Image Rights Again

iBus Media Inc., who owns PokerNews, and Flutter Entertainment, the parent company of PokerStars, threatened PokerPaint owner Brett Butz with legal action

New York Mafia Hit by FBI in Illegal Online Sportsbook Crackdown

Six New York mobsters are facing the full force of the law after the FBI busted a large-scale illegal online gambling business that had run for at least 15 years

Poker Player, MMA Fighter and Cannabis Advocate Elias Theodorou Dead at 34

The communities of poker players, MMA fans and weed proponents are mourning the loss of Elias Theodorou, who succumbed to colon cancer at the young age of 34

Black Woman Sues Bank for Discrimination after Casino Win Check Rejected

A 71-year-old black woman in Michigan is suing a bank because they refused to cash her winning casino check

High Stakes Poker Pro Ivan Leow Dead Aged 41 of Suspected Heart Attack

High stakes poker pro and Triton Poker founding member Seng Yee “Ivan” Leow has died aged 41, apparently of a heart attack

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