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Magnus Carlsen/Hans Niemann Chess Cheating Story Mirrors Poker’s Recent Incidents

Magnus Carlsen, the reigning world champion, has quit an event and hinted it was due to one of his opponent’s cheating

Ex-Cop Scams Investors for $7.5m, Loses $2m at Casino, Gets 14-Year Sentence

The scam ran from 2010 to 2017, with Christopher Lloyd Burnell duping 72 investors

Espen Jorstad's Run Good Continues with Win in $25K Tortilla Slap Challenge

Jorstad proved that not only can he outlast a field of 8,663 on the poker table, but he can also take some whacks in the face with a flour tortilla without spitting out a mouthful of water

PokerGO Launches First Episode of No Gamble, No Future

PokerGO has launched the first episode of their highly anticipated new show No Gamble, No Future early

Sacramento Casino Shooting Leaves One Dead as Summer Armed Robbery Spree Continues

It is the third such incident in just three years at the downtown Sacramento cardroom

Espen Jorstad $300K Swap Dispute Ends with No Deal, No Payment

Jorstad reached out to his fellow poker pros recently for help in determining whether or not he was on the hook for a $300,000 payment

WPA Poker Trophy Resembling Lady Bits Becomes Hot Topic

The Women's Poker Association (WPA) is garnering plenty of attention on social media lately thanks to a poker trophy that looks a lot like a lady's genitals

Biggest Bad Beat Jackpot in US History Hits as Players Share $1.2million

Losing with quad aces just won someone $490,000, the “unlucky” poker player, Benjamin Flanagan, winning the biggest BBJ in the country’s history

Wildhorse Casino Gunman Demanded $1million and Threatened to “Bathe Everyone in Blood”

“I’m f*cking God...I’m going to bathe everyone in blood”

Man Convicted of Robbing Five London Bookmakers with Fake Walking Stick Shotgun

Brett Mullan collapsed the stick into a plastic bag in a manner to make it look like a sawn-off shotgun

Landon Tice Ready to Bet He Can Live Inside Bally’s Las Vegas for a Year

Landon Tice has called out for a prop bet where he has to live inside Bally’s Las Vegas for a full year

Doyle Brunson Refuses to Sign Anymore Autographs

Doyle Brunson has told his fans that he won’t be signing any more autographs after discovering that a stack of them have ended up being put up for sale on eBay

Alleged Poker Scammer and Convicted Sex Offender Eric Conti Released From Prison

A number of angry backers may be interested to know that Conti was released from a Florida prison last year

Mafia Mobsters Face Racketeering and Illegal Gambling Charges with Corrupt Cop Involved

The gang members indicted in a Brooklyn federal court this week reads like a Goodfellas’ “wiseguys” character list

Shootout Leaves Two Injured After Armed Robbers Attack Oregon Casino

An Oregon tribal casino was at the centre of an armed robbery this week

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