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Twitch Streamer xQc Hits Out at Bloomberg for Massively Stupid $119million Claims

Twitch TV streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has described a Bloomberg article on his $multi-million gambling as “massively stupid”

More Rake Isn’t Better says Doug Polk as He Reduces Tournament Fees

Doug Polk has bucked the trend of poker rooms by reducing tournament rake at his Lodge Card Club in Texas

California Poker Pros Arrested in $145k Card-bending Scam

Two poker players with a combined $1.3million in Hendon Mob cashes have been charged with cheating Las Vegas Strip casinos out of tens of thousands of dollars

Security Guard Shot as Hustler Casino Targeted in Armored Van Ambush

The Hustler Casino in California was the scene of an armed ambush this week when several assailants attacked an armoured vehicle

Monsoon Floods Adds to Gunfire and Arson Chaos in Las Vegas

First it was reported gunfire causing chaos, then it was suspected arson freaking everyone out, and last week it was monsoon rains

Scammer Cons Well-Liked Streamer Ludwig (>$100K) and 'RampagePoker'

Stories about scams and rip-offs are rampant in the world of poker and gambling, and we have yet another

Dan Shak Charged by CFTC with Running Bluffs in the Gold Market

Shak's alleged misdeeds are known in the trading world as "spoofing"

Massive Lottery Jackpot of $1.34 Billion Hit in Illinois

Look out Elon Musk and Bill Gates, there's a new billionaire in town

MGM Grand Face Backlash in Prizepool Guarantee Controversy

The MGM Grand has been slammed by players for failing to pay out the full advertised prizepool in their $173k guaranteed "Tournament of Champions"

Aussie Accountant Stole AU$1.5m to Fund Gambling

Attorneys for an Australian accountant who stole $1.5 million to fund Gambling Habits claim he had bipolar

Kitty Kuo Seeks a BF, Shaun Deeb Suggests Fat Lazy American

With the WSOP concluded, it appears that Kitty Kuo has her mind on other pursuits

Twitch Streamer Trainwreck Launches a Mental Health Initiative to Provide Free Therapy to Viewers

Trainwreck, a very successful Twitch gambling streamer, introduced his fans to a new mental health program

Russian Punters Duped by Fake Cricket Matches

A group of unemployed men in Gujarat state have been arrested for conning Russian gamblers into betting on a fake cricket event

El Cortez Evacuated Amid Las Vegas Arson Fears

Las Vegas’ oldest existing casino, the El Cortez, was evacuated at the weekend amid fears of a fire

Dan Bilzerian Asks for $170k in Travel Costs for Poker Tournament

Dan Bilzerian has left Joe Rogan looking like a cheap date after it was revealed the former GGPoker ambassador asked the site for $170,000 in travel expenses to play a poker tournament

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