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Woman Arrested for Leaving 3 Kids in a Car while Playing Poker at Hard Rock

Prosecutors in Broward County court purport that a woman from Georgia left her three children unattended in her vehicle overnight

Twitch Star xQc Loses $170,000 on Online Slots Within 140 Seconds

Fans were stunned to witness how recklessly xQc proceeded to bet and play slots while he was broadcasting

Man Accused of Starting Mass Panic on Vegas Strip

A man has been arrested for destruction of property in the incident that is believed to have sparked mass panic on the Vegas Strip

Shaun Deeb Hailed as WSOP Player of the Decade

Dan Zack may have won the WSOP Player of the Year title for 2022, but it’s Shaun Deeb who has emerged a clear winner in the prestigious points race over the past decade

Players Lash Out at WSOP after Active Shooter False Alarm

The WSOP have been called out for their response to mass chaos on the Las Vegas Strip on Saturday night

Rapper Drake Spews $28million in Roulette Disaster

Drake turned $8.5million into almost $30million this week before losing the lot in a Twitch-streamed Roulette session, some $17million disappearing in just 10 minutes of madness

Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth in Twitter Cryptocurrency Spat

The spat revolves around Hellmuth’s promotion of Bitcoin Latinum and Polk’s CoinFlex involvement, both cryptocurrencies in serious trouble recently

Jack Sparrow-lookalike Trespassed from WSOP for Fake Pirate Pistols after Main Event Deep Run

The WSOP wouldn’t be quite the same without at least one bizarre incident

Allen Kessler Infuriated After He was Penalized For Eating Pizza In The Gaming Area

Allen Kessler was angry after he was penalized by the Orleans Casino for eating in the gaming area

Poker Player Qualifies for 2022 WSOP Main Event Fast Asleep

Eric Goldstein forgot that he registered for the $80 satellite and went to bed without giving poker a second thought

Drake Wins a $1 Million UFC Wager Following a Prolonged Losing Skid

Drake’s fortunes changed when he placed a $1 million wager on UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya to win against Jared Cannonier

Have Poker VLOGS Become Boring?

Are VLOGS getting better? Are more people watching? And is there room for newcomers? Well it’s something worth discussing

Pot Awarded to Wrong Player in GGPoker $1,000,000 GTD Tournament

Joker Appear on Flop at Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Live Poker Events, 2 months ago

Chess Prodigy Magnus Carlsen to Compete in the WSOP Main Event

The top-ranked chess player in history, Magnus Carlsen, will compete in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas

Crazy Dealer Stories from the 2022 WSOP

Players have moaned about dealers as long as poker has been around

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