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Maurice Hawkins in Unpaid $100k Staking Deal Controversy

Hawkins allegedly owes over $100,000 to a backer for the past two years

Negreanu and Shak in Pro vs Amateur Twitter Spat

Highstakes amateur Dan Shak and Daniel Negreanu are the latest stars to have a Twitter spat

Casino Dealer Jailed for Stealing Chips worth $57,000

A croupier in Singapore has been jailed for 9 months after being caught stealing casino chips

Aaron Mermelstein Pleads For Police Camera Footage Over Missing $9000

A misplaced bag, surveillance tapes that police won't make public, and $9,000 in missing cash...

Johnnie Vibes Gets The Last Laugh on Shaun Deeb

Johnnie Vibes proved Shaun Deeb and other doubters wrong and won a prop bet at the same time

WSOP Under Fire for Lack of Player of the Year Prizes

Not a single prize has been offered for what is considered by many a very prestigious title…

Thirst Lounge Host Justin fattrain Kelly Swims for Glory in $500 Prop Bet

The lines “$500 prop bet” and “If he dies he dies” have probably never been heard together before in the poker world

Jack Effel Faces Backlash Over WSOP Ruling

WSOP Vice President Jack Effel has found himself at the centre of a Twitter maelstrom

From Rags to Riches: How Rick Alvarado Went from Serving Burgers to Crushing in Poker

Some say that the third time's a charm but for Rick Alvarado it is definitely the seventh

Nick Schulman No Longer PokerGO Commentator

Nick Schulman’s Main Event would appear to be over for the second time this year

Liv Boeree Launches New Science YouTube Show

Liv Boeree premieres a new science web series on her personal YouTube channel

Georgii Belianin Disqualified From WSOP Main Event for Stealing Chips

In a strange turn of events, Belianin has been disqualified for stealing a player’s entire stack

Joe Hachem, Joseph Cheong, and Dan Shak Furious Over WSOP Structures

The structures at this year’s World Series of Poker have been riling some top names

Aussie Gambler’s Royal Flush Scoops $3.6million Jackpot

Even converted from Aussie $ to US money that’s a cool $2.5million

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Casino Barcelona Confirms Extended Sponsorship Agreement with PokerStars

Casino Barcelona has announced it has further strengthened its partnership with PokerStars, with the sponsorship of the casino’s CEP.

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