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Phil Hellmuth Declares $11m in Lifetime Cash Game Winnings

Not content with bragging about his tournament record and 15 WSOP bracelets, Hellmuth this week claimed to have won $11million in cash games across his career

Daniel Negreanu Bet $400k that Phil Hellmuth Can’t Beat $25K Buy-in Live Tournaments

Negreanu has bet $400k to Hellmuth’s $200K that the latter cannot beat $25K buy-in live tournaments over a sample of 50

Best Bluffs From The Daniel Negreanu Vs Doug Polk Grudge Match

If you don’t bluff enough you will simply get steamrolled by any competent opponent

GGPoker Cuts Off Vanessa Kade Affiliate Revenue Over Anti-Bilzerian Stance

Having a principled opinion in the poker world is often a sure path to losing a revenue stream

Jared Jaffee Calls Out Matt Savage after WPT/Venetian Poker Room Disaster

Jaffee has hit out at the Venetian casino, the WPT and Savage, claiming a “mind-numbing level of incompetence” ruined the tournament’s final table

Top 5 Poker Podcasts to Watch in 2021

Poker podcasts have been a great source of entertainment for many years. If you don’t feel like playing then a podcast is ideal

The Top 5 Most Hated Poker Personalities

Love and hate are among the strongest emotions and the poker world evokes its fair share of them both

Poker Pro Turned Lawyer Dutch Boyd Loses Prop Bet Court Case

Controversial poker pro Dutch Boyd has lost his WSOP prop bet lawsuit against former friend and fellow pro Joe Bartholdi

Poker Pro Accused of $170,000 Bitcoin Scam

English poker pro Lynne Beaumont has accused US pro Terik (Tizzy) Brown of being “a thief and/or a conman”

Mike Postle Files For Second Continuation, Todd Witteles Files Opposing Motion

Postle has filed a motion for a second continuation in his $330 million libel lawsuit against a dozen high-profile defendants

Double Bracelet Winner Brent Carter Accused of Mailing White Powder to NYS Gaming Officials

Carter has been charged with conveying false information and hoaxes after testing determined that the substances were in fact harmless

84-year-old Woman sues Casino for $50,000 after Kidnapping, Assault and Robbery Ordeal

The victim is suing the casino for more than $50,000 after being offered only a “free dinner” as compensation for her ordeal

Gambler’s Royal Flush Sees $5 Punt Turn Into $1.1million

Frank Nagy made sure the dealers got in on the new-found riches, tipping them $50,000 of his jackpot win

Rapper ‘Young Thug’ Loses $800,000 Gambling in Las Vegas Casinos

A rap star has told how he lost almost a million dollars during a recent trip to Las Vegas

Stefanie Ungar on Her Genius Card Player Father Stu

Stuey Ungar is the most talked about poker player in history

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Casino Barcelona Confirms Extended Sponsorship Agreement with PokerStars

Casino Barcelona has announced it has further strengthened its partnership with PokerStars, with the sponsorship of the casino’s CEP.

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