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Are Women Underrepresented in Poker?

Poker is one of the few professional games where there is no division between males and females

Eugene Katchalov Pledges WSOP Winnings to Help Ukraine After Fleeing Warzone

Katchalov will return to the felt at this summer’s WSOP with a pledge to donate a share of his winnings to charities aiding his war-stricken homeland

Former Poker Pro Todd Terry Passes Away Aged 48

Todd Terry, one of the most respected pros and online forum voices from the height of the poker boom, passed away this week aged 48

Robin Poker Calls Out Alexander Harry Jones as a Scammer

The poker world has been hit with yet another unsavoury scamming story while the high-stakes community is still reeling from a plethora of cheating allegations

PokerPaint Copyright Thief Brett Butz Called Out as WSOP Beckons

The man behind serial copyright theft of poker’s best-known photographers’ work has been called out yet again

Ninja Shares His Experience Playing Poker with Phil Helmuth on Hustler Casino Live

The most recent Hustler Casino Live poker stream turned non-poker players into stars

Doug Polk Annoys Veronica Brill by Mocking the Sports Illustrated Cover Woman

Polk received a lot of outraged tweets after referring to the current Sports Illustrated cover girl as "obese," with a furious Brill leading the charge

Maurice Hawkins Called Out Over Backing Agreement Gone Sour

Maurice Hawkins has been called out by his former backer over a staking deal that turned sour

Martin Zamani Tweets Evidence That Bryn Kenney Lied and More on High-Stakes Cheating Scandal

The high-stakes cheating scandal currently rocking the poker community is showing no signs of abating

Natalie Hof Ramos Reveals Horror EPT Rape Incident

A recent Twitter thread on why more women don’t get involved in poker highlighted some horrendous incidents

Drunk Player Burns Through $43k in Live Stream Game at The Lodge

A player called Adam, who was more than a little intoxicated, burned through $43,200 at The Lodge while playing in a live stream $25/$50 NL game with Doug Polk

Rap Star “Casanova” Facing 60 Years in Prison after Gambling Dispute Shooting

Rapper “Casanova” has admitted shooting a man over a gambling debt

Fresh Details Suggest a Philadelphia Murder Victim Might Have Won $1,000,000 in the Lottery

A guy who had gone missing in Philadelphia and was discovered dead last week may have just hit the lottery moments before his death

Daniel Negreanu Reveals All about Cheating, Hellmuth and GOATs with Doug Polk

They were once the bitterest of enemies, but you’d be hard pushed to guess that from Daniel Negreanu’s latest appearance on Doug Polk’s podcast

Hustler Casino Live's Creator Poker Night Broadcast Introduces a New Show to the Viewers

Hustler Casino Live teamed up with WPT Global to host a star-studded Creator Poker Night livestream

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