Chris Klodnicki

Although his age would put him in the group of “young guns”, Chris “Klod” Klodnicki had his first serious experiences with poker as the live player.

Although his age would put him in the group of “young guns”, Chris “Klod” Klodnicki had his first serious experiences with poker as the live player. Born on May 11, 1985, in New Jersey, he grew up only an hour away from Atlantic City. Picking up on the game as the part of the “Moneymaker effect” during 2003, he had soon started taking trips to AC using the fake ID to get into casinos. He started up brushing his skills with limit Hold’em games there. It wasn’t until he went to college that he started to play online as well. He made his first deposit with Party Poker and worked his way from the $2-4 limit games all the way to the $100-200 tables. Although he declined an internship offer during this period so he could concentrate more on poker, only after he graduated from the college he decided to take on the game full time. Atlantic City experiences shaped him a lot in terms of his game, and he jokingly says that he always felt like he had a home field advantage playing there. His poker resume is certainly impressive. has his online winnings under the aliases “SLOPPYKLOD” and “MrDoggy” at over $2.5 million, while his live circuit winnings exceed $7 million. As for online felt, his biggest score was taking down Sunday 500 tournament to the tune of $97k. His most notable live result to date is certainly his runner-up finish in the 2013 WSOP One Drop High Roller Event. Buying in for $100k, Klodnicki managed to take home tad under $3 million for his efforts. He also finished 12th in the 2008 WSOP main event, won by Peter Eastgate, banking nearly $600k. Although titles and bracelets seem to elude him, he managed to do quite nicely for himself on the live tournament circuit. Chris Klodnicki describes himself as an ordinary guy with nothing too crazy to report. He is a big sports fan and Philadelphia supporter, and he also used to play a lot of sports when he was younger. One of the things he pays a lot of attention to in poker is bankroll management and sometimes he is even too conservative with it because swings can really be brutal. This is why it is crucial to always try and build your bankroll. He doesn’t see himself ever quitting poker, although he hopes that, at some point, he would be able to scale back a little and perhaps branch out into some other activities. But for the time being, poker is the “it” for him.
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