Mohsin Charania

Some poker players take up the game and everything start off great for them. Mohsin Charania was not one of those players.

Some poker players take up the game and everything start off great for them. Mohsin Charania was not one of those players, as he was quickly introduced to the poker variance at the very start of his career. That did not stop him from becoming a great player, but it certainly did not make his climb through the ranks any easier. He was born in Guelph, Canada on February 27, 1985. Not long after his birth, the whole family moved to Chicago where they were living in a rather poor and often dangerous neighborhood. Surrounded by numerous gangs and everyday violence, Charania used to find the peace and escape from the harsh reality in church and prayer. Quickly, he realized that the education was his best way out of the life of poverty and danger. Good grades gave him an opportunity for the college, but as money was tight he applied and got accepted to the University of Illinois. Coming to the college with a lot of credits from prior advanced courses, combined with his ability of photographic memory, the faculty lessons represented next to no challenge. This is when he got introduced to poker. The story is the one told many times before. He started playing micro stakes with his friends and before he knew it, he was hooked. After making some money in these games, he started visiting a casino, and, completely disregarding any kind of bankroll management, he soon managed to get his initial $500 to $20,000. With this money, he decided he would go to Vegas and try his luck there. At this time he was 21. His hot streak continued even there, and with his tendency to move through the stakes with no caution or any regard for consequences, within a two months period he got his bankroll up to $200k and was playing in $50-100 games. And then the variance struck, quickly and brutally. Before the summer ended, he lost the entire roll he had managed to accumulate and was completely busto. After coming back to Illinois, he believed he was done with poker for good. But it wasn’t long before he started playing in some home games again, with likes of Faraz Jaka and Ravi Raghavan. They told him about online poker and after he got some funds transferred to him, he started grinding both tournaments and cash on the Internet. Sometimes during this period Charania got offered a $70k a year job and this encouraged him to finally graduate and be done with college. However, soon after starting the job, he realized that it was taking too much of his time and that he much preferred playing online poker, where he was, once again, doing great. Around this time he also started playing some of the live events. It took him a while both online and live before he managed to get a truly big score in anything, but his confidence was high and he firmly believed it was only matter of time. He had his moments of doubt of course, but all of it was gone when he went all the way in the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Finale, taking home nearly $1.8 million in April of 2012. Following that score came WPT Paris, where he took the title and $450,000 in October of 2013. His live winnings today amount to over $3,000,000 and are slightly trailed by his $2.5 million in cashes online.
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