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For maximum entertainment, our top 3 pros to view are Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth.

Matt Salsberg

Matt Salsberg is an American poker player and executive producer/writer of the hit Showtime show Weeds. Find his poker biography & videos here.

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Matthew Stout

Born and raised in New Jersey, Matthew Stout began playing poker as a child at the age of just four.

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Vitaliy Lunkin

A former Backgammon and Renju professional, Vitaly Lunkin made his way into poker in 2003.

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Scott Baumstein

As a former trader before taking the leap to play poker full-time, New Yorker Scott Baumstein is certainly not averse to risk.

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Jack Sinclair

26-year old Londoner Jack Sinclair is one of the least well-known players who made it to the 2017 final table of the Main Event.

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Roger Hairabedian

Roger Hairabedian is a veteran of the live tournament circuit and well-known by any players that frequent French poker events.

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John Andress

Pennsylvania-born poker pro John Andress is a well-rounded player that began taking his journey seriously in 2010.

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Chris Klodnicki

Although his age would put him in the group of “young guns”, Chris “Klod” Klodnicki had his first serious experiences with poker as the live p...

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Maria Konnikova

Maria Konnikova was born in 1984 at the tail end of the Soviet regime, but her parents were allowed to emigrate to the United States in 1988.

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Tobias ‘PokerNoob999’ Reinkemeier

Reinkemeier is one of the most successful players to ever come out of his country.

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Timothy Adams

Ranking highly on the Canadian all-time money list for live tournament earnings, Tim Adams has become a recurrent face on the high roller scene.

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Victor Ramdin

Not many poker players hail from Guyana, but Victor (Annand) Ramdin is an exception.

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Ben Lamb

Lamb is a 32-year American from Tulsa, Oklahoma who is well-known for his deep runs in the World Series of Poker Main Event.

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Ronny Kaiser

Ranking #1 on the Swiss all-time money list for tournament winnings is none other than Ronny Kaiser.

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Darryll Fish

Florida native Darryll Fish was a competitive Magic: The Gathering player before finding poker in 2003.

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