10 for 10 - Martin Jacobson Documentary

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on September 06, 2015

This documentary recounts Martin Jacobson's $10 million win of the WSOP Main Event.

Hailing from Sweden, Jacobson's play on the final table has been praised by many poker publications, fellow professional poker players and competitors. Some have implied that he played flawlessly and actually did not make a poor decision all the way through.

The documentary places emphasis on his play at the final table, but also on his preparation. It turns out for example that Jacobson did not drink or go out for 3 months leading up to it - It's nice to get a behind the scenes look at what really makes the difference between a semi-pro / poker enthusiast and full time, career poker player.

Made by Dan Styrlund and Tommy Little, in association with Cinebloc, the documentary is a must watch, motivational poker story.


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