Americas Cardroom: WSOP-ACR Predictions

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on June 30, 2022

Last year (2021) during the WSOP, The Americas Cardroom Team Pros headed to Vegas and shared a house, all while chronicling their action in an extremely entertaining YouTube series.

We saw great guest stars like Joey Fatone and an inside look at their poker play at the Vegas tables. We also saw great hijinks like Team Pro Drew Gonzalez having nails put on after losing a bet. Finally, we watched the Pros raise money for charity by working as food delivery guys.

Now, our Team Pros are back in Vegas this summer for the WSOP, sharing a house once again. And you won’t believe what happens next!

We’ll be adding all the new episodes here on this page and on our YouTube channel. So don’t miss Season 2 of the Punters’ Pad.


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