Barewire Heads Up Cash Two-Tabling Vs Tough Reg



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on March 12, 2015

It's been some time since we at have posted a Barewire HUNL Cash vid, but we are back with a new one from this highly regarded expert practitioner of the HUNL Cash format. In this video, Barewire (also known as KRab42) two-tables against a strong villain with whom he has a history, but to increase the value of his analysis to viewers of the video, Barewire intentionally reviews his decisions as if he had never played against this opponent before. •

Although HUNL Cash is somewhat niche, a skilled and knowledgeable professional can realize great profits in this format. Instructional materials for this format are scarce, but Barewire has long been established as one of the best coaches and producers of such instructional materials. On, we sell two feature-length video packs from Barewire: one focused on a solid and comprehensive introduction for those new to the format, and one that follows up on that by diving deep into more challenging topics for those who have already achieved proficiency with the fundamentals. You can find these two packs here: • •


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