Brad OWEN vs Doug POLK [Battle Of The Lodge Card Club OWNERS!]

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on November 24, 2022

Brad Owen & Doug Polk are both owners at the Lodge Poker Card Club in Texas and today they battle against each other on their home turf! Doug Polk is a 3 time World Series of Poker bracelet winner and is known to be a heads-up poker end boss. His opponent is no stranger to YouTube and is arguably the end boss of poker vlogging with over 650,000 subscribers! Although they are both friends and partners you should know that there are no friendships at the poker table as these two poker players go to war! The hand starts with Doug Polk raising with pocket jacks or as Brad Owen likes to refer to them - pocket jiggities! Owen opts for a loose 3-bet with his pocket sixes and Polk defends. It is important to remember that when you are playing deepstacked your threshold to stack off with should be much tighter than when you play short stacked.


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