Choker Players Assemble Promo - Watch Biggest Names in Chess and Poker Play Choker

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on June 11, 2020

Choker merges the brilliance of chess with the cunning of poker to create a new game experience where anything can happen. Some of the biggest names in chess and poker are already playing this mind-bogglingly deep game. Players include GM HIkaru Nakamura, IM Eric Rosen, GM Simon Williams, Mr Chess of Brazil - Raffael Santos, IM Anna Rudolf and Woman FIDE Master, Alexandra Botez. You can watch them play LIVE in the Challengers Choker Cup. The game consists of three phases: 1. The first phase is betting on the chess cards received. The chess cards depict the chess pieces that you can play with. 2. The second phase is placing the pieces on the board. Players reveal their chess pieces in any order, one at a time. There is an immense skill in this phase of the game. The chess pieces do not have to go onto their normal starting positions but they do have to be placed in specific zones to avoid compromising the chess phase. Each player must think about what squares his chess pieces should occupy in order to strengthen his opening moves in the chess phase. 3. The third phase is playing chess. Whoever wins the chess phase, wins the pot. Choker is a free-to-play, just for fun app. You can download and play the from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Choker at Google Play Choker at Apple App Store FREE Rules Download


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