currrr14 - Breaking Down Villain's Ranges Part III



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on March 13, 2015

currrr14's free series of videos on how to analyze a villain's tendencies continues with part III. In the first installment, currrr14 went through the data he had available on this opponent in order to show how we can analyze this data to put our opponent into ranges. He then shifted gears for part II, in which he then proceeded to review actual games against this opponent so as to demonstrate the concepts from part I. This third video picks up where the second left off, with currrr14 reviewing hands against this opponent. Later, there will also be one more video to conclude this series. •

More than just a strong player, currrr14 is active in many aspects of poker. His latest project has been designing and programming a PT4 HUD called Spin & Go HUD. As the name says, this HUD is for the Spin & Go format, which has been making smart players a lot of money due to its attraction to fish. Following the HUD's release a month ago, currr has remained hard at work looking for new ways to make the HUD better. By incorporating feedback from users, he has released two updates to enhance the HUD, and he has already started developing ideas for how to enhance this HUD even more. For more information about this HUD, check out:


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