David brisvegan Brine opening up Cannes for Dabeear

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on September 05, 2011

In early August PokerTube had two freerolls for players from SpeedPoker with a WSOP-E Cannes package worth $2,500 up for grabs in each. Since Adam Palethorpe was runner-up in the 1000 raked hands freeroll and David later on told us he couldnt go, Adam won the first WSOP-E trip. The day after, not knowing David couldnt go, Adam won the VIP freeroll beating our own Dabeear HU. Since Adam cant win two packages, Dabear won the VIP seat and will go together with Adam to Cannes in October. Here is David Brine, from Brisbane, Australia, telling us a few things about himself and announcing he is happy to give up his prize in favor of Dabeear.


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