Manz & Glantz Chop It Up: KOTH, PNIA, Hellmuth and Scammers!

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on August 31, 2017

Pete Manzinelli chops it up with Matt Glantz about producing the recent King of the Hill tournament for Poker Night In America, getting scammed, why this year's WSOP sucked, and, of course, Tom Dwan.

01:40 King of the Hill Challenge

06:40 The Infamous Jungleman Fold

09:50 What Phil Hellmuth Is Like Off The Felt

12:15 Upcoming PNIA Schedule

14:30 Stirring Up Trouble on Twitter

15:15 Matt’s Biggest Pet Peeve In Poker

16:33 Getting Scammed by Zo Karim

19:42 “The WSOP Sucked”

21:15 Cryptocurrency Boom = Better Cash Games

26:40 Leon Tsoukernik A Cheater?

28:40 Angle Shooting vs. Donald Trump

31:40 What Does Matt Know About Tom Dwan?

33:17 Funny Jungleman Hotel Story

35:28 Is Asking if Something Is Good for Poker, Good for Poker?

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