How to play Badugi (Part 1 of 4)

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on April 23, 2011

This is an older video I had here on Pokertube and YouTube more than 2 years ago. It got quite some positive feedback then and with the SCOOP Badugi event coming up, I thought I might post this again. Someone started a thread on my vid on 2+2 and it turned out that I mispronounced the name of the game itself, which obviously should be pronounced Badugi with a hard G. Also I made a drawing mistake at one point - Ill work in an annotation there. Oh yeah, in the time gone by Full Tilt also started to offer Badugi. Please note, that this vid refers mainly to FL Tournament Badugi - and you might get burned pretty bad trying some of the moves youll see in a cash game or a PL tourney. Hope my vid helps you discover a really fun new game!


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