Introducing the MyWPT App

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on December 03, 2016

Mike Sexton introduces the MyWPT app, which is designed exclusively for WPT players on tour; in fact, the only way you can use it is if you are playing in one of their tournaments.

With the MyWPT app, players will only need to sign the WPT’s player release form once per season, doing so electronically via the MyWPT app with a digital signature. Once this is complete, players can simply get scanned in for tournaments and have exclusive player access to a user-friendly reporting client, including chip counts, prize payouts, and more.

Through the MyWPT app, players can chat with WPT and casino staff if you have any questions. Plus, players can even text the WPT’s tournament coverage team if you think there is an interesting hand they should include in the reporting.


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