Manz Hangs Out With WSOP champ Blumstein!

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on October 24, 2017

$8Million man and recent WSOP Main Event champion Scott Blumstein drops by to hangout with the one and only Manz! The guys chop it up to discuss his upcoming appearance on PNIA KOTH3 plus:

01:49 Is Scott Secretly German?

03:40 Handling Poker Fame

05:00 Thoughts on 1st Round Matchup vs. Brandon Adams

08:15 Post Main Event Splurges

10:15 Olivier Busquet Disrespect 12:00 Steroid Allegations

13:15 Manz Offers To Guard His Bracelet

16:10 Cheating on Poker With DFS?

17:10 Thoughts on the IRS

19:40 Manz His Mind? 


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