Manz Handz: Hashtag King Goes Broke On Poker Night In America

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on May 24, 2017

Manz Handz is back and this time the great Manzinelli breaks down a hand played between Shaun Deeb, Brandon Cantu and the infamous Hashtag King during a Poker Night In America $25/50 filming at the Choctaw Casino!

Throughout the hand Ponte and Polk discuss a $1,000,000 heads up for rollz bet and also mention 'escrow' about 1000 times! Manz keeps it real, shares the strategy and also lets you into a little secret about Ponte AKA 'The Pool Boy King'

Other players at the table include Mike Dentale and Doug Polk.


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BDJBBDJBon 25/5/17

LOL this guy is hilarious #poolboyking