Moca Choca Living My Dream Season2 Episode 1: How I get paid



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on May 24, 2012\nTwitter: @mocachoca89\nFacebook: mocachoca89\nI arrived back in London a month and a half ago. In that time I decided to stop making videos so I could make the most of the time. I maximized my grinding hours with my team and also socialized with as many people as I could. I am going to be out of the country for quite a while this time so I had a lot of catching up to do.\nOne of my team members;, a mid stakes HU pro put his pen to the pad and put together this track for fun one day. When the team heard the tune we couldnt believe it, I automatically had to have it as the episode one of the new season of living my dream. We went to the studio earlier today and putting together some of the fun weve had over the last few weeks, I produced this video. I had a blast in London and will miss everyone I have been chilling with over my time here. Now my journey takes me back to America where I will play in some WSOP events but not before hitting up my girlfriend in Oregon. I will be blogging regularly again so keep an eye out for the updates.\nI dedicate this episode to a friend who was murdered last week, Luke Fitzpatrick, this ones for you. Rest in peace.


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