Poker Cheat Caught On Stream

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on February 07, 2022

Look what happens when a poker cheat is caught on a cash game live stream. 

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goodfold3goodfold3on 8/2/22

the hands: 1. skills obv tries to alert antonio about barry having the nuts, but antonio isn't in on this collusion or he wouldn't have done anything but folded a bad top pair that's drawing dead on the turn. also as pointed out it makes no sense for skills to show or otherwise indicating at all he folded a usually good two pair hand (even tanking on the fold is horrible, it might tip off barry he's seeing his cards). 2. skills if he knows that barry has bottom pair still has no reason to move in dark going into turn, if turn is a 10 (trips for barry) or maybe a 6 (2 pair for barry) he's probably calling. this one plays out like he doesn't even know barry's cards. his all in is large too so this mistake could've been really bad if say turn was a 10. 3. this one could've been done by a loose player anyway, but also makes the most sense if he saw his hand. 4. just silly gamesmanship attempt with both of them having 2nd nuts. some players would do this exactly with just a 9 on purpose. 5. the way this hand was played nobody appeared to have much, all sorts of players would've taken the bottom of their range (52 no pair) and done this, whether or not skills knows barry has one pair of 7's. for very aggressive players this exact hand could've occurred at any time. a dynamic between 2 players in barry/skills' seats this stuff comes up if both are often raising each other. i suspect if the mike postle thing didn't happen and hadn't been so popular this content would've never attempted to have been made. seeing somebody's cards because they leave their cards open isn't cheating. is it scummy, possibly. had skills at least told barry he can see his cards the first time skills isn't even being scummy. if we pooled say 100 or 1000 poker pros and asked them about this i'm sure more than half (possibly into the 70%'s or higher) would say this simply isn't cheating. it's shocking that somebody could in barry's shoes have gotten to this size poker game leaving his hand open constantly to the guy on his left. good players in 1-2 games know to protect their cards. and titleing a post "poker cheater .... " with this being the "cheating" is silly as hell and should stick to it's creator in the minds of viewers. real cheating is horrible (postle) and shouldn't ever in any word be linked to this.

goodfold3goodfold3on 8/2/22

apparently this applies to the voice over commentators too, late in this they call it "postling somebody", which it just isn't. postle and people at that card room he was playing at used digital technology to see everybody's cards. if somebody played in that game there is nothing they could've done about that (and i have no clue what kind of moron you'd be to ever play at that casino where postle thing occurred, stones gambling hall). barry here couldn't do what is his own responsibility (and it's very easy). protect your cards. skills can't exploit anything (nor can anybody else), boom, fixed.

goodfold3goodfold3on 8/2/22

comparing these 2 situations as if they are the same would be like saying these 2 things are the same: 1. you drop your wallet, somebody finds it and keeps it as it was just laying out there on the street. it did have your ID in it so it could've been returned but wasn't. 2. you get held up at gunpoint and your life was directly threatened unless you gave up your wallet. you give wallet. just talking about the person/people that ended up with the wallet as thieves as if they are equal here.