Poker Pros Battle It Out in a Cash Game Tournament! | Day 1B Highlights

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on September 19, 2023

The Cage is back to ACR for Day 1B were top poker pros from around the world battle it out to build a huge stack in this revolutionary poker format! πŸ‘‡ How the Cage Works πŸ‘‡ - Players buy in directly for $5,250 and receive 5,000 in chips. - Blinds increase throughout the event, just like in a tournament. - If eliminated, players may rebuy once during any of the Day 1 flights. - Players may play multiple Day 1 flights and combine their stack for Day 2. - It’s a time-based tournament, so at the end of Day 2, players cash in their chips, and every chip is worth cash value (e.g., if you have 25,000 in chips, you’re taking home $25,000). - You can’t cash out until Day 2 is over (This is why we call it The Cage).


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