Poker Streamer Makes His Dream a Reality by Winning $636,000 Triton Title

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on April 13, 2023

πŸ”± Americas Cardroom sent a team of poker pros and streamers to play in the Triton Super High Roller Series in Vietnam, with Mark Rubbathan from the UK being one of them. @Weazel1991 entered a few events, including the event #3 20K Mystery Bounty NLH. After enduring the bubble period with only 2 BBs, he sun-run the final table and won the event, adding 240K in bounties to the 396K he won from the main prize pool.

πŸ“’ β€œIt’s indescribable. The whole experience was insane enough from the get-go. I won a package so I freerolled my way here. I wasn’t bothered, in a way, about cashing. I just wanted the experience. I was super looking forward to it. This is obviously beyond any expectation. It’s wild, absolutely wild.”

πŸ“… Event: 20K Mystery Bounty NLH 8 handed

πŸ“Œ Location: Hoiana Resort & Golf - Hoi An, Vietnam 


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