POKERSTARS $5000 Winner take all 12/30/07 1/4

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on January 07, 2008

ALLSTAR LINE-up: \n\nGenius28 (considered by many best online cash player currently) \nAjunglen7 (winner of sunday million and other big llive cashes, cocky but great player) \nDariominieri (team pokerstars player. GReat and aggresive player,wore scarf on ESPN WSOP 2007) \nTHE__DR__Y (considered one of the BEST SNG PLAYERS in the world and ranked 12th \n in the world) \nMrSweets28 = Phil Galfond (OMGCLayAiken on Fulltilt and appeared on HSP) \nsteamraise = Daniel Alaei (regular in the BIG GAME, HSP Season 1 and 2).


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