The Challengers Choker Cup Tournament

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on May 26, 2020

Love Chess? Enjoy Poker? Then you don't want to miss the Challengers Choker Cup! Bringing together some of the best chess and poker players, who are battling it out to play Hikaru Nakamura in the final, this nail-biting tournament has been electrifying audiences across the globe. Watch it live on Chess24 In Choker you need nerves of steel in the poker phase and ice-cool calculation in the chess phase. To win the match you need it all. Full results and updates available at . FREE Rules Download The Challengers Choker Cup From 7 May to 25 June, eight of the world’s most well-known chess and poker stars will compete at Choker for the right to challenge 5-times US Chess Champion, Hikaru Nakamura and be crowned Choker champion. Choker combines the brilliance of chess with the cunning of poker to create a new Mixed Mind Sport that demands a full range of gaming skills. Will poker players beat chess players? Will International Masters beat Grandmasters? Will an unknown player win through and beat them all? In heart-thumping, fast-paced Choker, everything and anything is possible. Choker is a free to play app. Install and play your friends for fun at Choker at Google Play Choker at Apple App Store The Challengers Choker Cup is just for fun with no real money involved.


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