Top 10 Nittiest Plays On High Stakes Poker

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on May 01, 2014

00:00 10) Matusow folding KQdd to single raise preflop 00:52 9) Laak chasing everyone away with a 60x+ bbs pfr with aces 02:00 8) Simon snap folding JJ on a 7 2 7 board (It was a good laydown, but still pretty nittie) 03:23 7) Harman checking back the second nuts in position on river 06:15 6) Alaei folding a pair + oesd to a standard cb 09:24 5) Ivey folding a King high flush draw ip on flop 10:50 4) Harmetz folding TcTd to a single bet on a 7d8dJd flop 13:12 3) Greenstein folding AK preflop to a 3bet from Negreanu 14:45 2) Voulgaris flatting KK preflop then folding to a cb on a Q 9 4 rainbow board 16:38 1) Negreanu check folding the virtually nuts on the river against T. Brunson, after over thinking/analyzing.


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