Where the Money REALLY comes from in NLH POKER

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on August 02, 2017

Sometimes, as we learn new skills, it can be overwhelming. How many combos of KQ does villain have when I have the Kd blocker? Does he have a range advantage or do I? Should I turn this small pair into a bluff or does it fit better into my checking range? What are the equity distributions? Can I get stacks in with two streets or will I need to bet all three? And on and on and on and on. But one thing we can ALWAYS do is get back to the basics. We can always just calmly ask ourself, "where does the money come from?" Let's take a look at the way money ACTUALLY at it's root most level, moves from one players' stack to another's on a street by street basis. Let's learn to keep our eye on the EV. Every thing else will follow from that core idea. If you can keep your eye on the EV you will always know where the money is really coming from at each decision point in every hand you play.


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