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3 years ago4,428BDJB,

Published 3 years ago

How Isildur1 Lost $4,200,000 in 1 Day!

Doug Polk re-lives the epic downswing of Isildur1 as he lost $4.2million in a single sessions vs Brian Hastings! With drama surrou...

3 years ago4,443PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

PokerStars Ice Tub Challenge: Hart vs Bolt!

The PokerStars challenge is back as Kevin Hart goes head2head vs Usain Bolt! Today the guys have to sit in an ice tub and keep the...

3 years ago1,432PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

CoinPoker Pre-ICO Launch!

CoinPoker is here and it is the next revolutionary poker platform...and it is one for the crypto currency holders among us! T...

3 years ago2,540PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago


Manz unearths a huge clue in his search from the missing Tom Dwan after interrogating Brandon Adams at King of The Hill 3. 

3 years ago2,358BDJB,

Published 3 years ago

Innerpsy: Most Epic Tilt Moments

Team PokerStars pro and high stakes online cash player Innerpsy is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve which creates some ep...

3 years ago2,406PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

Manz & Busquet: Training Day!

Manz is worried about the PED rumors surrounding Busquet so he hits the streets of Philli to take him on a Rocky inspired workout!...

3 years ago2,135PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

When HSDB Made All Player Profiles Public!

Doug Polk re-lives the time that HSDB made all player profiles public so anyone can see who has been winning what! 

3 years ago2,374PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

Olivier Busquet's SHOCKING PED Test Results REVEALED!!!

On the eve of King of The Hill 3, Manz receives the results to the drug test Olivier Busquet agreed to after his performance at KO...

3 years ago2,392BDJB,

Published 3 years ago

Phil Ivey is Back & Ansky Retires!

Doug Polk is back with his news show where he breaks down all of the hottest topics of the week! This edition includes:Phil Ivey r...

3 years ago2,638PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

Polk Talks Tom Dwan & The Manz!!!

Polk is back talking yet again about Tom Dwan, however is also mentions one of pokers brightest stars: Pete Manzinelli! A personal...

3 years ago2,150BDJB,

Published 3 years ago

Moneymaker Talks PokerStars Power Up!

Main Event champion and the man behind the poker boom sits down to discuss 'Power Up'. The revolutionary game launched by PokerSta...

3 years ago2,043PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

PokerTube Podcast with Jeff Boski and the Manz!

PokerTube's Ambassadors sit down to discuss current events, KOTH $50k Heads up reporting, Las Vegas Strip club vlogs, Social datin...

3 years ago2,288PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

King of the Hill 2 Halftime Show w/ Manz!

The Manz is here to help Doug entertain the masses whilst KOTH2 is on lunch break! Expect top banter, prop bets, chugging com...

3 years ago1,270Bellagio1,

Published 3 years ago

Buehlero Retires From YouTube!

Henri has had enough with the haters as he now officially stops posting content on YouTube! With to many troll comments and bad fe...

3 years ago3,800PokerTube,

Published 3 years ago

Hellmuth Hits a $15k 3 Pointer!

Doug Polk, Tonkaaaa, and Todd Anderson gave Phil Hellmuth 10 to 1 odds that he couldn't hit a 3-point shot without a warmup. After...