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Casual Dining at Its Finest - The Marketplace at Borgata

The WPT Royal Flush Crew (Brenden, Brittany, and Andrea) take us on a tour of Borgata's new casual dining restaurant - The Marketp...

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Most Expensive Casino Chip Ever Sold?

The most expensive casino chip ever sold was purchased on eBay for a whopping $30,000, a $1 chip from the Showboat Casino, which c...

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WPT Four Kings & An Ace Charity Tournament Highlights

Highlights from the WPT Foundation Presents Four Kings & An Ace Charity Poker Tournament Benefiting 'Mending Kids' held on Friday,...

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The Ace of Clubs House - A Mansion Built by a Poker Game

High Roller Radio looks at the Ace of Clubs House Museum in Texarkana, Texas. Built in 1885, by James Draughon, the floor plan si...

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Poker Mistakes that will Make You Laugh

Sometimes, even the best poker players will make mistakes, and of course will fail. But also sometimes they do some mistakes that ...

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PokerStars Festival Debuts In New Jersey

PokerStars is coming to town! New Jersey get ready for an amazing event, as the first ever Pokerstars Festival heads to Atlantic C...

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Sit & Go Hero - Are You Up For a Quickie?

Party Poker's Sit & Go Hero tournaments give you the chance to win up to $170,000 in around seven minutes, are you up for a quickie?

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Poker Hall of Fame 2016 - Carlos Mortensen & Todd Brunson

Carlos Mortensen and Todd Brunson are this years inductees into the Poker Hall of Fame. Here are 2 hands of both players making bi...

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Joe Rogan Experience - With Dan Bilzerian

Featured on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast today is Dan Bilzerian, a social media personality and professional poker player.

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Poker Night In America - Ice Bucket Challenge!

Poker Night in America staff, Matt, Katie & Aaron, were all nominated independently, but wanted to do something special for the A...

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WPT Maryland - Crab Cake Making Challenge

Maryland is known to have the best crab cakes so some poker pros and the WPT Royal Flush Crew members Danielle Ruiz and Caitlyn Ho...

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WPT Maryland - Quick-Fire Questions

Quick-fire questions asked and answered by WPT Royal Flush Crew and tournament players at the WPT event being held at the Maryland...

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Jeff Gross - Baller of the Month September 2016

Every month, PokerUpdate bring you the one poker pro who was just Baller during the month! During the month of September 2016, the...

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Angry Poker Player Quits WPT Bucharest!

This angry poker player is upset, and after the chief of staff of the WPT Bucharest is trying to calm him down, he becomes very an...

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TheTrooper97 - I'm on a Boat!

Tim "TheTrooper97" Watts had to go out and explore Laughlin a little bit, so what better way than by water taxi!