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Mateusz has been writing about poker for the better part of the last decade. He's deeply interested in many poker related subjects like psychology, game theory, fitness, nutritional science etc.

Articles by Mateusz Kleczynski

Promos, 4 years ago

Top Tips for Spotting a Fish

In this article we're going to talk about spotting the players that are perhaps more interested in the entertainment value that poker provides and are willing to pay some of their hard-earned money for that entertainment.

Daniel Negreanu Hand Reads: How Does He Do it?

The most famous part of Daniel's game is his uncanny ability to guess the specific holdings of his opponents during the course of the hand.

Poker Crosstraining: Other Games to Keep You Fit

It might be a good idea to introduce some other games that have the potential of boosting your mental capabilities into your routine, in order to keep your mind fit.

Top All-In Moments

​All-in is the most powerful play in poker player's arsenal. The fact that no-limit hold'em offers us the chance to - at any point in the game - play for the entirety of our stack makes it the Cadillac of poker.