10 Twitch Channels You Can Watch Global Poker On

4 years ago
10 Twitch Channels You Can Watch Global Poker On
07 Mar

When it comes to promoting a poker community, there are few who can rival Global Poker, the US-facing site with a unique approach to its players and how it operates.

 With the Grizzly Games II recently finished, let’s take a look at the top 10 poker streamers who are bringing Global Poker to mainstream attention via TwitchTV

1. TheGoldenBlazer

Leader of the Global Poker streaming pack in many ways, Brian Frenzel, aka TheGoldenBlazer, has been sharing his GP exploits with an enthralled audience for exactly one year this month.

Citing the community aspect and friendliness of his fellow players on Global Poker, when he’s not playing Frenzel can often be seen donning his Golden Blazer to bring others the best of the site’s big tournament action.

2. Tizull

Adam tizull Tull, as seen in the tweet above, is next in line to the Global Poker ‘streaming throne’, putting in the hours and pulling in the viewers with his entertaining shows.

 With PLO standing out as his favourite, he’s bringing the 4-card game to a new audience, and his $500 to $10k bankroll challenge last year proved that the poker dream is far from dead!

3. Stonedlifepoker

Although poker is the main driving force behind most streamers, some – such as Jason StonedLifePoker Paff– use their platform to help players who may also be struggling with other aspects of life, in this case with a focus on mental health and wellbeing

Jason shares his own tough life story on his TwitchTV channel, and the homepage has several links if you’re needing help with anxiety, depression or just looking for someone to talk you through the next day or night.

When it comes down to pure poker skills, the Global Poker reg and featured streamer clearly has what it takes – as seen by last month’s ‘proudest moment’…

4. Dmannpoker

Darren dmannpoker Mann bit the headlines in January when the following unbelievable hand unfolded live – not on one Global Poker stream, but a hand played out between two at the same time

The Oklahoman grinder started out at micro-stakes and is now battling his way up the cash game and tournament ladder, sharing the highs and lows of his Global Poker dreams on his TwitchTV channel.

Watch DMann gets Globalized from DMannPoker on www.twitch.tv

5. TheLango

Dave TheLango from Chicago is a man of all seasons, playing, streaming, coaching and writing about the game, his TwitchTV approach having the ‘goal of educating micro / low stakes players while growing his own channel’.

His recent Global Poker streams have been among his best, so make sure to check this guy out!

Watch Self Hand Reviews - Donkey is as Donkey Does. !DJ !loot from TheLango on www.twitch.tv

6. Pokerdad2878

If you ever wanted to now if it’s possible to mix poker with a normal day-job and a big family, then Lou pokerdad2878 is living proof!

The Long Islander is father to 3 kids – “Twin 14 year old girls and a 9 year old boy” and is an insurance underwriter when he’s not playing poker of performing fatherly family duties. But when he does play…

7. Shipdontdie

Chris shipdontdie Meyers was one of the Moneymaker generation, poker added to his love of gaming back in 2004, and now a full-time online player and streamer who favours NLHE and PLO MTT’s.

Global Poker fans will recognise him from his recent livestreamed run at the Tournament of Champions last weekend, and although he didn’t quite make it, he’s yet another who is happy to support the successes of his fellow GP enthusiasts…

8. Googlenoagenda

Pennsylvania’s googlenoagenda is one of those poker players who needs a challenge to produce his best, and starting a bankroll runitup on Global Poker late last year seemed like the perfect choice.

It’s not only his TwicthTV channel that’s a colourful piece of art – check out what he needs to eat to set himself up for a streaming session!

9. Ori13

Another gamer turned poker player on the back of the Moneymaker Effect, Lancaster, Pennsylvania grinder Ori13 discovered he had a talent for the game, and has put his game out there on TwitchTV for all to share

Urging viewers to follow him as he attempts to “navigate the difficult challenges of life while growing as a gamer, poker player and streamer!” Ori13 was another player having a fun tilt at the Global Poker Tournament of Champions last week. Though unsuccessful, he’ll definitely be back for more!

10. rUeTaMa

Global Poker streamer David rEaLrUeTaMa Moses isn’t one for lengthy bios on his TwitchTv channel – in fact ‘it’s empty here’ is what you’ll see! – but his content is far from empty.

PLO and No Limit Hold’em both feature in David’s regular streams and he’s alos a fan of live poker, as his Twitter feed shows…

That’s 10 of the best we’ve covered, and there’s likely to be a whole lot more players hoping to make it as a Global Poker player and streamer in the future – the combination of a rapidly-growing US-facing poker site and a streaming community helping each other improve naturally a big draw.

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