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Andrew from Edinburgh, Scotland, is a professional journalist, international-titled chess master, and avid poker player.

Articles by Andrew Burnett

Doug Polk Takes Pot Shots at Matt Berkey in Nik Airball Spat

Doug Polk, Matt Berkey and HCL reg Nik ‘Airball’ Arcot have spent the past week feuding on social media

Phil Hellmuth’s Vegas Home Can be Yours for Just $525,000!

Hellmuth’s Vegas home is up for sale and if you have a cool $½million you can buy yourself an expensive slice of poker memorabilia – the house where Phil once posed topless

Armed Robber Planned Out Casino Heist on Pizza Box

A knife-wielding robber who planned out a casino heist on a pizza box has been sentenced to more than four years in prison in Scotland

Gambler Sued for £600,000 by London Casino Claims They Got Him “Black Out Drunk” on Moutai

A long-time member of a London casino has claimed he was plied with strong alcohol on the night he lost £600,000 ($730,000) and is refusing to pay up

Dirty Dan Cates Takes Out Anger on Airball’s Stack after Losing Big

It was a case of “Dirty” by name, “Dirty” by nature for Dan Cates this week as the Jungleman reacted very poorly to some needling from Nik “Airball” Arcot

1999 WSOP Champ Noel Furlong Leaves $60million Estate to Daughters and Granddaughters

Furlong left an estate worth €56,343,755 when he passed away in 2021, the fortune a combination of poker and betting winnings, and business wealth

Wynn Casino Blackjack Dealer Continued to Deal Cards While Player Suffered Heart Attack

The Wynn Las Vegas has been hit by a lawsuit alleging that a blackjack dealer continued dealing cards while a man was having a cardiac arrest at the table

Poker Pro Luke Vrabel Banned from Twitter in GoFundMe Cancer Row

One of the most offensive people on poker Twitter, Luke “SlayAbides” Vrabel, has had his account locked after multiple vitriolic attacks on women

California Lawyer Gambled 24/7 at Wynn on Proceeds of $10m Scam Claims Lawsuit

For Sara Jacqueline King the bill for 6 months staying and gambling 24/7 at the Wynn Casino was allegedly paid for by an unsuspecting victim of a $10million fraud scheme

Poker and Chess Star Jennifer Shahade Accuses Grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez of Sexual Assault and Misconduct

Shahade has publicly accused well-known chess grandmaster and commentator Ramirez of sexual misconduct and assault, stating “Time’s up” in her Twitter revelations

Doug Polk Loses $200K Body Fat Prop Bet to Bill Perkins

Doug Polk’s valiant effort to cut half his body fat in a year narrowly failed, costing the Upswing Poker boss $200,000 in his prop bet with Bill Perkins

Twitch Streamer Blames Gambling Addiction and Fraud on Sponsorship

A TwitchTV streamer known for his generous giveaways has blamed a gambling sponsorship for his descent into a financial nightmare

Ex-New York State Trooper Charged in Illegal $10m Betting Ring Tip-offs

A former New York State Police trooper faces 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine

5Dimes Sportsbook to Close as Widow of Murdered Founder “Has Had Enough”

The famous 5Dimes sportsbook looks set to close its doors for good according to sources

Police Arrest Suicidal Man with Knife after Commerce Cardroom Evacuated

The Commerce Casino in Los Angeles had to be evacuated after a man armed with a knife reportedly threatened security staff and was arrested after a 2-hour stand-off with police