David 'Devilfsih' Ulliott - Last Farewell to the Legend

5 years ago
Our thoughts going out to the family
06 Apr

Earlier today, one of the true legends of the poker world, David 'Devilfish' Ulliott has passed away after losing a battle to cancer. Although doctors deemed David's cancer as "terminal", the poker community was saddened and surprised by the news, especially those who were lucky enough to meet him in person and be touched by his undoubtedly unusual but irresistible charm.

Poker Career

Born in 1954, Devilfish became one of the real recognizable characters in the game influencing a decision of many, especially those residing in the UK, to try out the poker waters. Although his early career was mostly marked by the home games, his ascension to fame started in 1997 when he seized a WSOP bracelet beating Chris Truby heads up for the title and $180k first place.

Upon winning, Ulliott had his nickname ' Devilfish' engraved on the bracelet the nickname that was given to him earlier by his friend and companion during his poker travels Gary Whitaker.

Although WSOP bracelet is a big deal in general, Devilfish actually became famous in the UK after winning in the very first edition of the Late Night Poker in 1999. Dave won £40,000 for his performance, but more importantly he had risen to the legendary status in the UK as the show was aired during the peak time and was hugely popular.

Ulliott's second biggest tournament cash came in 2003 when he claimed a World Poker Tour title. In a great run, Devilfish outlasted his competition and finally beaten Phil Ivey heads up, winning $589k first place. This victory further cemented his status in the poker world, rounding up in a way his collection of poker titles.

He came third in another WPT event in 2007, earning another $675k. According to Hendon Mob, his overall live winnings stand at $6.2 million.


Devilfish may not have been the biggest winner that have ever walked the circuit. But he was certainly one of the more memorable persons in the poker world. Although I've personally never had a pleasure apart from some short twitter exchanges on PokerTube account, those who did know him mostly describe him as a person who would always make you laugh.

Was Ulliott arrogant at the poker tables? One could certainly say that but a person is defined by their life and Devilfish spent his youth surrounded by people who did not look kindly upon weakness. This shaped his personality to an extent and, without doubt, influenced his demeanor at the tables as well.

Devilfish had a turbulent personal life as well, but in the end, he went away leaving behind seven children and many more members of family and friends who will cherish his memory. Looking at his Facebook wall and a 2+2 thread, there are truly many who feel the pain of his passing.

Many of those memories are connected to some anecdotes as it seems that Ulliott never missed a chance to crack a good joke. I will not try to pretend to know what he was really like, but from everything that I've heard and seen, it seems he enjoyed living the life and felt no need to apologize for it.

Rest in peace Devilfish, you left the mark on the poker world that will not be forgotten. And take it easy up there... Or don't.

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