Blom Streaming on Unibet Twitch Restarts the Rumors

6 years ago
Viktor Blom
20 May

Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom’s participation in Unibet’s Golden Cash Game six months ago caused rumors that Blom has entered into some kind of sponsorship deal with Unibet. Even though there hasn’t been any official announcement of the deal, sponsorship rumors were spreading fast in the poker community. Although no announcement was made at the time, the rumors can now run wild again as it was announced that Blom will be streaming his next online session at Unbiet poker on Twitch.

The action will be streamed on Unibet’s official twitch channel on May 27th between 11 a.m until 11 p.m. The news were confirmed by Remko Rinkema, one of the regular writers for the Unibet Open, who tweeted that Islidur1 will be playing much lower stakes than usual so people will be able to play against him.

Blom, recognized as one of the most exciting poker players in the world, has become popular when he began playing high-stakes games online on Full Tilt, playing against Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan. It seemed that once unknown 'Isildur1' had no fear of his opponents as he played simultaneously against many of them for hours.

Viktor was building up his bankroll extremely fast without letting anyone know that he was the man behind the 'Isildur1' account. When Blom finally came clean, he became the talk of the entire poker community. He is the man who managed to challenge and beat many top poker pros and he quickly earned respect of his fellow players.

Back in November everyone was talking about possible sponsorship deal and even Alex Dreyfus tweeted asking the question whether Blom is sponsored by Unibet. Once again, Blom has given us reason to think that the announcement of the sponsorship might come soon.

Maybe Bloom, will soon receive sponsorship by the Swedish company, which would certainly be a lucrative proposition for the high-stakes phenom. Although all signs point at the possibility of the sponsorship, there hasn't been any official declarations as of yet.

Viktor who also has $1,721,834 in total live earnings is certainly one of the most interesting poker players in the world. His playing style is described by many people as reckless, hyper aggressive and very dangerous. Even though he sometimes makes decisions that cost him millions of dollars, he is one of the most recognized names in the poker industry, and many believe that if there is one reason why Blom will not be sponsored by Unibet is the fact that he couldn't play high enough at the room on the other hand, Unibet might be more flexible considering Blom's high stakes background, not forcing him to change his playing habits too much.


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