Veronica Brill Shocked by Postlegate Netflix Documentary Claims

1 year ago
Veronica Brill Shocked by Postlegate Netflix Documentary Claims
15 Aug

The Postlegate cheating scandal took a strange twist this week when whistleblower Veronica Brill was contacted by someone claiming to be a Netflix documentary director

As most of you will know from our previous detailed reporting of the long-running poker drama, Mike Postle was accused of cheating last year during a live-streamed cash game at the Stones Gambling Hall.

A $30million lawsuit was brought, naming Postle, Stones and Justin Kuraitis as defendants, although the main case against Postle was recently dismissed.

Veronica ‘Angry_Polak’ Brill was the person who brought the allegations to light, and has since had the support of the vast majority of the poker community.

However, she has also been bad-mouthed, trolled and dismissed by those at the centre of the allegations and their friends and backers – this week seeing the latest in what appears to be a concerted effort against the poker pro and commentator.

 Brill tweeted of the ‘Netflix’ claims:

“This is literally the craziest shit I've ever been involved with. These people are literally trying anything to have me pay for exposing the cheating. Rather than being sorry that the cheating happened they want to vilify and sue me. Complete psychopathic behavior.”

However, it’s still not entirely clear whether it’s an ‘inside job’ by the Postle apologists, or just a TV producer trying to use scarcely believeable information to turn the incredible story into a potential Netflix payday.

With the likes of Bill Perkins and others confirming the phone number does indeed belong to Broome, the question then turned to why or if Brill’s opponents in the Postle case are really involved.

“When I spoke on the phone with this director,” says Brill, “he said that the reason Mike and Justin and Stones haven't spoken to anyone is because they've been preparing for a Netflix documentary. Not a single journalist (wired) has told me that they won't talk for that reason.”

Others warned Brill to tread warily…

…with Brill finding the whole situation rather bizarre, stating:

“The whole interaction is odd for me. Our conversation was odd and for the first time Mike, Justin, and Stones are all willing to participate? He was also very curious to see if I was signing the settlement.”

That settlement, as Haley Hintze reported last week, requires each of the 88 complainants to agree on the settlement details. Marle Cordeiro has brought a separate case in Nevada, covered here by Mark Patrickson.

To add to the twists and turns of one of poker’s biggest stories since Black Friday, Mike Postle’s ex-wife contacted Brill on Twitter

Why, we don’t yet know, but it could easily lead to a whole new chapter in the Postlegate scandal and we’ll bring you any developments as they arise.

Our extensive coverage of the Postlegate scandal can be viewed below for those wishing to brush up on the entire case:

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